I’ve been listening to Korean Pop the whole day with this Korean Pop Youtube playlist. I found them quite by accident but they have a pretty neat playlist of videos they’ve uploaded —  music videos with the Korean lyrics and the English translation all at the same time.

I haven’t listened much to Korean pop the last several months, spending most of my time on the bus listening to Hebrew pop instead. For Hebrew I had a lot of fun segmenting the popsongs line by line and putting them in Anki with the audio. However I’ve never done that yet (with the audio) for Korean popsongs. 

Whenever I can I always ask people how they have improved their pronunciation and intonation in a language they’ve been studying. The answer almost always mention songs as a important key. They were  listening to songs or singing them in any spare moment. The nice thing with Anki is that even if there isn’t time to listen to a whole song I can listen to (or repeat and get the pronunciation right) for just one line at a time.