Yesterday I went through some of the Catch the Wave videos and made a list of new expressions that I came across. It’s kind of annoying having to listen to the whole video to get the expression and meaning so I’ll continue to add to this list here — and add them to my anki deck as well. Some of the expressions on Catch the Wave were already on my Turn of the Phrase list, so I didn’t include them.

울며 겨자 먹기 — literally crying and eating mustard — doing something you hate doing

눈에 넣어도 아프지 않다 — if someone (like one’s child) is so cute you can use this expression

앞뒤가 막히다 — someone is stubborn or narrow minded

손 놓고 있다. – to procrastinate

김칫국부터 마시다 — counting your chickens before they hatch

허리가 휘다 — bowed down by financial troubles

불 난 데 부채질하다 — adding fuel to the fire when you intended to actually do good.

바닥이 나다 – run out of energy, ideas, time, money, etc. (예: 에너지가 바닥이 났어요, 생각이 바닥이 났어요)

아직 멀었어요 — still far to go (note, it’s technically in the past but it means in the present/future)

놀고 있나? to someone who is trying to convince you but is not doing a good job of it

오리발 내밀다 – (닭 잡아먹고 오리발 내밀다.) lying 오리발 내밀지마 — I know you did it. don’t lie.
오리발이에요 (it’s a lie)

김새다 – to loose interest — 김 샜어요 김샌 상황

매운 맛을 보여주다 — I’m gonna show you. (when you are angry).

쓴 맛을 보다 — I’ve tasted bitterness in my life.

사랑이 식다 — love has grown cold (음식이 식었어요 — my food grew cold, 피자가 실었어요)

머리를 식히다 – you have been thinking or studying too hard, clear your head.

뒤집어라 업어라 데덴찌! — to choose team members by putting your hands palm down or palm up

어느 것을 고를까요. 알아맞혀 보세요. 척척박사님. — Eenie, Meenie Miney Moe
하늘이 노랗다 — shocked, panicked,

눈에 콩깍지가 씌다/벗겨지다 — really in love/ get out of love and become able to see the person as they really are (without the rose-colored glasses)

동네북 – neighborhood drum — everyone teases this person, or blames the person (내가 동네북이야?)

두 손 두 발 다 들다- totally give up

가방이 끈이 짧다 – they don’t have much education or connections

번지수를 잘못 찾다 — when you think someone will be able to help you but they can’t at all — barking up the wrong tree
잘 나가 – sells well, is popular

잠수를 타다- go incommunicado

딸 바보 – someone crazy about their daughter

아들 바보 – someone crazy about their son

눈을 붙이다 – take a short nap

도마 위에 오르다 — on the chopping board – when a celebrity falls out of favor


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