Winter Sonata Monologue

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It’s the first Korean drama I ever saw. . . a few months after I came to Korea. As such it holds a special place in my heart. I still remember standing in the drama center in Chuncheon, watching a clip from this drama with subtitles and realizing that I could learn loads of Korean from watching it. I subsequently watched the whole thing. At least twice.

This is a monologue with a few interjections from 배용준 with a few interjections from 최지우. The audio is here.

Winter Sonata

The transcript is below. More

Korean study these days


The last few months I’ve been studying Korean a bunch but not writing about it very much.

I found new language helpers to meet with every week for talking practice — but the amount of hours I was able to meet each week varied greatly. However, even though there was a large variance in how many hours I’ve actually been able to meet a week — from two to four hours a week to six or eight hours on some weeks. For two weeks after my TOPIK test I didn’t meet anybody officially for language practice at all.

Language practice with language partners has been mostly focusing on watching variety shows together  — episodes of  우리 결혼했어요 with one person and 개그콘서트 episodes with another person. We watch and pause when there is a word or phrase or part of the dialogue that More