Very short monologue from School 2013



오늘 중으로 아주 깨끗하게 싹 청소해 놓으시게. 흠~
어, 여,여길 혼자 다 해요?
아, 정말 혼자 하겠냐?
이거 드시게.
어이, 두 제자분들. 내 말 잘 들으시게.
학생님께서는 수업 땡땡이치시고, 선생님께서는 출결 체크도 안 하고 눈감아주셨으니 두 분 다 벌 좀 받으셔야겠습니다.
선생님께서는 학생님한테 다 떠넘기지 마시고 여길 그냥 딱 반으로 나눠서 공평하게 청소 하고 가십시오.
날마다 두 제자분들 수업시간에 내 가서 확인하겠습니다. 오늘과 같은 일이 있을 때마다 둘 다 여기 와서 사이좋게 강당 청소하는 걸로 허구. 자, 그럼, 수고들 하시게.
아, 저 선생님, 그게 아니고, 제가……

The Art of Korean Letter Writing


Since finding the Artic explorer’s letter to his wife I’ve been musing on how on how to improve my Korean letter writing ability. The nice thing about letters is that they use rather simple words (compared to say a newspaper article) but usually the words are used well. Unlike a newspaper article, the words have to convey some emotion and some warmth.

Imagine my delight when I found 15 longish letters complete with audio. (The audio can be downloaded using right-click and ‘save as source’.

In Korean it’s called 노래실의 편지 and it seems that they are publishing a new letter every week or so. Some letters are written from brothers and sisters to each other; others are from parents to their children and or between close friends.

I’m inputting all the text and audio into Learning with TextsThat way I can read and listen to the texts at my leisure, and easily look up words or phrases I don’t know. I’ll try to eventually put sentences with sentence structures I find tricky or words and phrases I don’t know in Anki as well.