Day 181

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One of my favorite posts from someone on Me2Day: “따뜻한 사람이 되고 싶다. 겉으로만 그런게 아니라 마음가득 따뜻한.”

Day 180

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Today I did 41 minutes of Anki reps. I’ve been starting to add sentences directly instead of putting them first in an excel sheet.

Since yesterday evening I’ve gotten rather addicted to me2Day. I started adding updates and reading other people’s updates and copying fun sentences or words. I found the word 훗날 as in 먼 훗날 — far future.

I also watched the last couple episodes of Thousand Years of Love 천년지애. I really like it — if I have time I might start watching it over again.

Day 179

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Today I did another 1.3 hrs of Anki reps and was able to read the children’s book I’ve been reading the last few days.

I also wrote a short journal entry.

Day 178


I’m pretty discouraged about my language study these days.I learned 영
and 아예 two days ago — 영 as in 기계가 영 신통치 않다 and 아예 as in 아예 그런 짓은 말아라 . When I looked up the words in Survival Korean Vocabulary (about 6000 most common words) that I thought I would already have mastered a while ago, I found both words there.

Last week there were three days when I couldn’t do Anki reps, and as a result my Anki reviews piled up fast. However I did forty minutes yesterday and 1.3hrs today and have almost taken care of the buildup. 100 new sentences a day seems fine when I am able to do forty minutes a day. When I’m not it builds up rather quickly.

Today I’ve been trying to evaluate my communities of language practice — how much More


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I’m pretty discouraged about my language study these days.I learned 영 and 아예 two days ago — 영 I heard first talking with Sl* when I went shopping with her and G* Hyeong at 이마트. 아예 I had heard from her and also I* Ssem, but I was only able to look it up in the dictionary then. When I looked up the words in 6000 Survival Vocabulary that I thought I would already have mastered a while ago, I found both words there.

I also haven’t been able to get language sessions for a while or read books regularly (although I have managed to have little bits of book reading). The EPIK training conference was a little bit an unusual distraction, but still I feel discouraged that I wasn’t able to keep up my 101 new sentences per day or my Anki reviews. I feel that is such a basic baseline I should make sure I meet every day.

I am reading some stuff from Greg Thompson for more ideas and to reevaluate my language study program.

I have to keep these words in mind: “A healthy language learner’s life will be filled with people. ” I really want to be involved in people, but I quite enjoy just reading and studying by myself so I find that reading those kind of articles and evaluating my sociable status is quite important for general health and for my language learning.

Language progress, little by little

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I was doing Anki rather regularly, but with the training conference for EPIK I was able to do Anki the first few days but not afterwards, with the result that I have rather a backup of cards I have to process.

The week before last I went to church and prayed in public for the first time at our small group meeting. I’ve become pretty comfortable giving prayer requests now so that has been really nice. Last night and the night before I slept at G*’s place. He’s going to Australia soon, and I want to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves. Yesterday we had a kind of English class for an hour and a half and then hung out just talking for several hours afterwards. I felt very happy because I could understand most of the conversation, even when Hyung was talking about his love relationships — something he likes to talk about but in the past I’ve found it often hard to understand.

Hyung will only be here till the thirtieth, so I plan to stay at his place till then, since I won’t have any time afterwards to be with him. That will be about two weeks of homestay. . . hopefully I’ll learn a lot of Korean and Korean culture in this time as well as become better connected with him and his friends.

Day 171

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Today I did 42 minutes of Anki.

Day 170


I did 47 minutes of Anki. Lately I’ve been trying to do around 100 new sentences every day. I would like to work an hour a day on sentences with Anki, so I’ll see how it goes to see if I need to make do more new sentences per day to hit that watermark. If I need to do less per day I can also change that. . . although so far it seems 100 new sentences is not building up to much review.

I want to be careful and work on consistancy rather than working on a lot of sentences all at once and then having to pay for it later when I get a hump of reviews.

I’ve also started following Katz’s advice and starting to delete sentences I don’t like. Rather hard, but so nice to not have those nasty sentences always troubling me.

I still have a reserve of “unseen cards” that I typed in and collected a while ago so I don’t have to find 100 new sentences every day. If I keep going at the rate I am I’ll run out soon enough though and will have to start more heavily sentence mining.

This is my sentence mine stats for right now:
Total number of cards: 3952
Total number of facts: 3952

Card Maturity
Mature cards: 1784 (45.1%)
Young cards: 1026 (26.0%)
Unseen cards: 1142 (28.9%)
Average interval: 40.5 days

Card State
Active cards: 3867 (97.8%)
Inactive cards: 0 (0.0%)
Suspended cards: 85 (2.2%)

Correct Answers
Mature cards: 90.3% (1752 of 1941)
Young cards: 78.1% (10360 of 13269)
First-seen cards: 77.9% (3388 of 4350)

Day 169

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Today I did 41 minutes of Anki.

Day 168

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I did one hour of Anki and watched lots of 천년지애.

Day 167

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I did 30 minutes of Anki.

Day 166

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Today I did one hour of Anki reps.

Day 165

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Today I did 32 minutes of Anki.

Day 163

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Today I did 60 minutes of Anki. I put a bunch of words from the first page of 연필로 쓴 글과 컴퓨터로 쓸 글의 차이 in Anki — words such as 뭉클하다 and 익명. I also read a new article from 켜르르 —  사람관계에서 나타나는 한국인의 4가지 꼴 with the same method as yesterday.

These days


Although I try to listen watch and and read a whole bunch of things all the time, these are some of the things that are occupying my time these days.

What I’m listening to these days. . .


What I’m reading these days. . . .


What I’m watching these days. .


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